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Best Tips for Being Healthier & Happier

happy and healthy woman

My own tips on how to become more happy and healthy

If you’re like me, before you even wake up in the morning you’re dreaming about coffee. A simple way to improve your health and wake yourself up is to drink water first thing in the morning. No, you don’t have to skip coffee. Just hydrate before you caffeinate. Make eating healthy fun and you’re more likely to eat healthy. It seems pretty simple, right? If you like waffles for breakfast, but don’t want the blood sugar crash later in the afternoon, find a healthy waffle recipe. I make mine out of coconut flower and top it with fresh strawberries instead of artificial syrup. Simple healthy swaps will leave you happier and give you more energy, which is obviously what we all want.


Wake up to a clean room

You want to know how I don’t want to start my morning? A) falling out of bed and b) literally tripping into my day because my room is a disaster. Form a healthy habit of waking up 5-10 minutes earlier to pick up your room. Put on some really good music too because that helps a lot. When your space is cleaner, your mind is cleaner. When there’s clutter everywhere, it’s easier for me to get frustrated. Ten minutes every day is better than an all day cleaning on Saturday. Am I right?

woman diary

Write down your thoughts

I’m not really sure what it is about writing that clears your head, but it does. There’s something about getting all of your feelings out on paper. It’s almost like seeing your feelings on paper puts everything into perspective. Whenever I take time to sit and read and write out my thoughts, I always leave feeling happier. Speaking of being happier, do yourself a favor and go into all of your social media, your Tumblr, your Instagram, your Twitter and un-follow everyone who pours negativity into your life. You will feel much happier.

A fool-proof way of being happier and healthier is to get outside. Fresh air and sunshine does the body good and there’s something about salt water that makes me happier than almost anything.



Going for the no brainer – get to the gym. I’m going to show you what’s in my gym bag. I have a sore muscle bar. I also have this really cute little sweat towel that says “I eat burpies for breakfast”, and then I have my electrolyte drink, which helps recover muscles, of course hair ties and hair bands, a little sanitizing refresh wipe, I love these after the gym, my headphones and obviously my wallet and now it’s time to zip up and head off to the gym.


Then I put my hair up into a ponytail or a bun. I really like wearing headbands too. Then it’s time to put your headphones in and I love warming up with a jump rope. This really gets your heart rate up. I feel like it’s a great warm-up to do just for a minute or two just to get your heart rate going and then I pick up weights and I’ll do lunges, push ups and jump squats. Circuit training is my favorite way to work out because it keeps your heart rate up, it keeps your muscles getting stronger and healthier and I feel better. Jump squats are one of the things that I’m working on right now. If you want to improve your fitness level, do jump squats. They will increase your heart rate, they will just work every muscle, lower muscles, every muscle that you have. I don’t have words. I’m dead after doing them. You can do lunges and you can do all of these things without using weights. When I’m done doing a super hard working out I feel joy, I feel happy. Yay!


Make To-do lists

lists make me happier. I don’t know why. Just try it. Just make a list every morning. My number one tip to being healthier and happier is to go for a walk. I love walking or running or chasing after your dog because he’s running after seagulls. Walking is great exercise because it’s easy on your joints and whenever I take a long walk, especially if it’s outside, my mood is significantly increased. I love walking and I love being outside. It’s my number one tip to being healthier and happier.


It’s all about feeling well

You ultimately have to remember that being healthy and happy doesn’t just happen by eating fruit or going for a jog. It’s not about how you look or always being in a good mood. It’s about wellbeing. It’s about taking care of yourself mentally and physically. It’s about learning that it’s okay to cry yourself to sleep and then wake up happy. You’re not crazy, you’re normal. The sun is going to keep rising and setting.

And you know what? Everything is going to be ok…


How To Wake Up Better


Wake up refreshed in the morning

Mornings are extremely tough. Getting out of bed should be an Olympic sport. It’s that hard, but you should want to be the Michael Phelps of rolling out of the hay because if you screw up your sleep, you can screw up your life.


The importance of a good night’s rest

Chronic sleep loss has been linked to chronic heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It can also impair the thinking and learning processes while contributing to symptoms of depression. Perhaps most frightening is you kill your sex drive and speed up the process of aging, so if you don’t want to die and be hot, listen up. Waking up on the right side of the bed of course means you have to get a good nights sleep the night before. That means get enough sleep, 6-8 hours ideally, sticking to a sleep schedule and maintaining a comfortable sleep environment. If you’re feeling really ballsy without getting some quality shut eye and you should be, then cut the caffeine, booze and screens like TV and your laptop well before you go to bed. Don’t go to bed hungry, don’t go to bed full and don’t go to be thirsty. While you’re sleeping you can’t really do much aside from well sleep so let’s skip that part and get right to the good stuff: waking up.


Wake up like a champion

First and foremost, set yourself up for success. Have your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to turn it off. If you drink coffee, preset it to brew before you wake up and for the love of everything that is holy, don’t hit snooze!

Once you’re out of the bed, have a big ass glass of water. It can get your metabolism revving and flush out toxins plus rehydrate your body and it’s good for your brain, but most important of all, have goals and a plan when you wake up in the morning. Why are you waking up early? To work out or maybe grab a coffee? Wake up with the mentality of a champ, not a scrub. Now get cracking because next time you shut eye, you better shut it down.